We Want to Pray for You in Lourdes, France

We Want to Pray for You in Lourdes, France

I want you to be blessed by the power of Lourdes. You can receive this blessing through the power of prayer.

Lourdes is filled with so much healing and hope and I want you to be blessed by this most holy place.

Two years ago, I visited Lourdes for the first time as the Oblate Chaplain Director. There were so many incredible sites to see. The sanctuary was grand. The Sacred Grotto was inspirational. And the underground basilica, where I celebrated Mass, was so vast it could hold 25,000 people.

Lourdes is so impressive. But I found one humble place last time that really took my breath away. It was a simple room with photographs on the wall of the approved miracles at Lourdes. Reading through the stories of these miraculous events, i realized just how important this place is to the faith of so many people. Lourdes truly is a place of miracle!

And this year we are celebrating 160 years of miracles at Lourdes. The first miracles appeared there were in 1862. Since that time, the Office of Medical Findings at Lourdes has dealt with more than 7,000 cases of unexplained cures. And that doesnt count all the "small miracles" resulting from Lourdes - a return to the faith, creating peace in a family, or the acceptance of a loved one's death.

All you have to do in order to experience the power of Lourdes is follow these simple steps:


Send your healing needs

Send your healing needs.  I will have your intentions remembered in prayer at the Sacred Grotto in Lourdes, the site of Our Lady's apparitions. Four Missionary Oblates currently minister at Lourdes, helping pilgrims reach a deeper understanding of their faith.         


Select an inspirational Our Lady of Lourdes Devotional Gifts

These gift will allow you or a loved one to experience the power of Lourdes for many years to come.

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Have a Healing Votive Candle

Light a Healing Votive Candle at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows for you or a loved one for a gift of $25. Or for a gift of $50, you can have a Lourdes Healing Candle lit for your intentions at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France.

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