All Occasion

All Occasion

There is a gift that never goes out of style. It is always appreciated. And it can be given 365 days a year.

That gift - is the gift of prayer!

I recently sent a Missionary Oblate Birthday card to my friend Bill, who lives in a nursing home. Bill doesn't really need, or have space for a birthday present. But he is always glad to accept a gift of prayer.

I sent a Missionary Oblates Get Well card to Fr. Raffaele Grasso, O.M.I. Father Raffaele recently had a kidney transplant after ten years of not being able to find a match. The donor was Fr. Mario Camarda, O.M.I. who gave his brother Oblate a kidney after it was discovered they were compatible. Today Fr. Raffaele has returned to full-time ministry and his kidney is working perfectly!

I used the Missionary oblates Sympathy card as a way of comforting the parents of Fr. Jim Erving, O.M.I. Father Jim died of brain cancer at the age of 43. He had spent much of his Oblate ministry working with poor and immigrant populations. Father Jim endured much pain during his battle with cancer, but he viewed his suffering as a way of god helping him to become a saint.

Who in your life could use an "Oblate Gift of Prayer?"

Every time you send a Missionary Oblate Gift of Prayer you are a partner with the Missionary Oblates and our ministries to poor and needy people in the United States and more than 60 countries around the world. Today, nearly 4,000 Missionary Oblates comfort the sick, feed the hungry and give hope to the orphaned. We bring peace to war-torn nations and spiritual healing to those in need.

I thank you for taking the time to learn how our Missionary Oblate Spiritual cards can be a blessing to your loved one as well as the Missionary Oblates and the people we serve.

Give the Gift of Prayer

It's the one gift that never goes out of style. Please know that the Missionary Oblates are giving you the gift of prayer every day as we remember your needs at Mass and in our prayers. Send your petitions

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