All Souls

All Souls

The person who was a major influence on my life passed away in November - my father. I went to Poland for his funeral and to say my final good-bye to the man, who despite his own challenges and struggles, was able to pass on so much wisdom to me. But in reality, my final good-bye with Dad took place several years earlier; in a beautiful and emotional event I will never forget.

Fr Andy's DadFor the last years of his life my dad suffered from dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. i would return to Poland occasionally to visit him and the rest of my family, and I could tell four years ago that my visit would be the last time Dad and I would connect verbally.

It was tough seeing Dad drifting away. He had always been a strong man taking care of his family often with great personal sacrifice. He would let nothing stand in the way of the two things that really mattered in his life - his family and his faith.

The evening before I was flying back to the U.S. my Dad was lying in bed and not very responsive. I decided to say the rosary with my Mom, brother and sister while we were standing by his bed. Dad had taught me the rosary as a child and it had always been and important part of our prayer life. As we started reciting the rosary Dad immediately opened his eyes and joined in with us. He recited the entire rosary, not missing or stumbling over a single word.

That was the last time Dad and I would ever communicate with each other. It may have been the most blessed day of my life.

On All Souls Day, I am going to honor my dad in a special way. I am going to enroll him in a unique prayer league so he can be prayed for an entire year. I am also going to place a rose in his honor near the altar at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. I will do this not only for my dad but for other departed loved ones who have enriched my life. You can do the same for your deceased loved ones.


Send me your Prayer Petition. You will also be remembered in prayer during the All Souls Novena at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.

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