The Gift of Prayer

The Gift of Prayer

In February I am going on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France and I am excited for two reasons.

First, I have never been to Lourdes before, a place that has inspired millions of people since Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette there more than 160 years ago. Lourdes is one of the most sacred places on earth, and I'm sure my pilgrimage will be an awe-inspiring experience.

Second, and more importantly, I am going to Lourdes with YOU. All I need is for you to send your Lourdes Prayer Intentions. Then you will journey with me to Lourdes through the power of prayer.

Fr. Andy saying Mass at the Sacred Grotto in Lourdes, FranceLast year, Fr. Andy Knop, O.M.I. had the honor of making this special pilgrimage to Lourdes. He recently told me it was one of the spiritual highlights of his life. Father Andy said tears came to his eyes as he celebrated Mass at the Sacred Grotto, especially when the prayer intentions he brought were presented to Our Lady. After Mass, Fr. Andy recited the rosary for friends of the Oblates like you, and again he had to fight back tears.

Fr. Andy lighting candlesFather Andy also said he was glad to light Lourdes Healing Candles for our Oblate benefactors. For Fr. Andy, this was not mundane, repetitive work. Instead each candle he lit was a blessing, a way to connect a friend with the power of Lourdes. I am so looking forward to doing the same when I visit Lourdes in February.

I am also looking forward to experiencing the power of Lourdes water which flows from the miraculous spring at the Sacred Grotto. A bottle of Lourdes water is my gift to you when you support the ministries of the Missionary Oblates.

Do you want to take part in this special Lourdes pilgrimage?


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I will take your prayer intentions with me to Lourdes and lift them up to Our Lady during a special Mass at the Sacred Grotto.


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