My Gift to You - The Gift of Prayer

My Gift to You - The Gift of Prayer

When I visited Lourdes in February, a wonderful couple, Jay and Aruna Perumal, assisted me prior to celebrating Mass. After the liturgy I found out that Jay and Aruna have a longtime connection to the Missionary Oblates.

Jay was educated at schools run by the Oblates in Sri Lanka. Aruna was a convert to Catholicism. Her spiritual director during her journey to a new faith was a Missionary Oblate. "We are blessed to have had Oblates as part of our lives for so many years," said Aruna.

After getting married in 1980, the Permuals lived in several countries and experienced many cultures, from the Middle East to North America. A constant in their lives was their Catholic faith. In 2002 the Perumals took their first pilgrimage to Lourdes and fell in love with the place. They began making an annual pilgrimage, and when their Lourdes visits became even more frequent they bought a small house there in 2007. Six years later they decided to move from Canada to Lourdes permanently.

Today the Perumals are full-time volunteers at Lourdes. Much of their time is spent assisting with the English Masses and helping visitors experience the power of Lourdes, something they experience every day. "Our Lady led us here, and now we are truly at home," says Jay.


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