My Gift to You - The Gift of Prayer

My Gift to You - The Gift of Prayer

In February I took part in a very special pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. During my Lourdes trip I brought petitions from friends of the Missionary Oblates - friends like you. I prayed at the very spot where Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette more than 160 years ago.

This was my way of giving back to you for your prayers and support on behalf of the Missionary Oblates. You are truly a co-missionary with us in our healing ministries to the poor and needy around the world.

My gift to you is twofold. First, I want to send your prayer intentions to the Oblates who minister in Lourdes, France. Simply send your prayer intentions from the link below. I will then send them to Lourdes. Second, I will give you the gift of a complimentary bottle of Lourdes water when you make a donation at this time in support of our worldwide Oblate ministries.

I have been blessed to visit Lourdes four times. Once I visited while on sabbatical, a time away from ministry to deepen one's faith. I also went to Lourdes to visit a friend and fellow Oblate who worked at the sacred place. He was part of a team of Oblates who helped pilgrims experience the healing power of Lourdes as he worked with youth volunteers. This Oblate ministry continues today! My third visit to Lourdes was when I led a pilgrimage from my parish, St. William in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. My final visit was in February to personally pray for benefactors like you.

Every time I visit Lourdes I am struck by its wonderful contrast. The basilica is grand and impressive, yet the Sacred Grotto is simple and humble. There are Masses, processions and gatherings attended by thousands of pilgrims, but everywhere you also see pilgrims alone, in personal prayer. Times may change but Lourdes remains the same. It is still one of the most powerful healing places on earth.

Please know that the Missionary Oblates who minister at Lourdes are honored to pray for you at this very special place.


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