We often find it difficult to come up with words to comfort someone who is grieving.

I recently sent an Oblate Sympathy card to Bp. Michael Pfeifer, O.M.I. when I learned about the death of his older brother, Ted. For Bp. Michael, Ted was more than a brother, he was also a hero.

Ted was born five years before his younger brother and in many ways Michael followed in his brother's footsteps. They both became Missionary Oblate priests and both were foreign missionaries in Mexico.

Fr. Ted in MexicoFor 44 years Fr. Ted ministered in some of the poorest and remote mountain villages of Mexico. He fulfilled all of the spiritual needs of the people, and much more. Father Ted was at times a mechanic, a carpenter, a doctor who delivered hundreds of babies and a dentist who pulled thousands of teeth.

Father Ted was much loved by the people in the mountains. But he was hated by drug lords when he started turning over information about murders in the mountains to authorities. One time Fr. Ted was ambushed by gunmen while driving his Jeep. When he made it to safety he found 12 bullet holes in the roof, just inches from his head.

In 2011, Fr. Ted suffered a stroke and moved to San Antonio, Texas. His younger brother, now BP. Michael, also moved to San Antonio. They often prayed together, including the intentions of Oblate friends like you. Bishop Michael was by his brother's bedside when his hero took his final breath.

Father Ted was buried at the Oblate Cemetery, just a short walk from his brother's office. At his burial, a small "Teddy" bear was put on the grave, an appropriate symbol for someone who was a bear of a man when it came to helping the poorest of the poor.

I know that the Oblate Sympathy card that I sent to BP. Michael was a comforting way for him to remember his brother. Who in your life could use the gift of comfort?


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