August Novena

August Novena

Last year I was honored to take part in the Healing and Hope Novena at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. I find the novena to be truly inspirational, because people opened their hearts and shared with me their hopes and fears, and asked me to pray for them.

Dolores of Florida asked me to pray for her mom, age 90, and her dad, age 96. Her parents had been raised in an orphanage by Catholic nuns. As adults, mom and dad worked extra hard to give Dolores and her siblings many things that they were unable to enjoy during their youth.

Dolores told me that her mom's vision has deteriorated, and her dad can no longer walk without assistance. Despite their difficulties, Dolores' parents continue to live on their own, refusing help outside of the immediate family. Dolores said her parents are very strong willed and very determined, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Yet they keep on trudging along. Dolores asked me to pray for her parents so that they can continue to live independently and have blessed and joy-filled lives in their later years.

Bob from Texas asked me to pray for his 12-year-old daughter, Alicia. He and Alicia attended the Healing and Hope Novena last year. Alicia is currently preparing for the Sacraments and was fascinated with all things Mary at the novena. She constantly asked her dad questions about her faith and Our Lady. Alicia is the apple of Bob's eyes, and he asked me to pray that her heart remains pure and innocent.

Dolores and Bob are just two of the people who have been blessed during the Shrine's Healing and Hope Novena. Today, I invite you to be blessed by this annual novena that has been a source of inspiration and joy for more than 75 years.

This year's novena will focus on the Stabat Mater, a 13th century hymn which will immerse us in Mary's intense sorrow at seeing her beloved Son die on the cross. This impactful hymn reminds us how much Our Blessed Mother suffered along with Jesus. Even though it was written more than 700 years ago. The Stabat Mater is a wonderful tool that we can use to explore ways to bring healing and hope into our lives today.

As we bring healing and hope into your life, you can do the same for people in need around the world. Your donation in support of our Oblate ministries can make life-changing improvements in the lives of poor people here in the United States and more than 60 countries. In appreciation of your donation, you can choose to receive a special devotional gift.

What do you need me, my brother Oblates and our Shrine pilgrims to pray for during the novena?

Click on the link to tell me the names of your loved ones who are in need of healing. They along with your own personal healing needs will be remembered in prayer during this year's novena. You may also choose to have them remembered for a full year by placing their names and prayer needs in a Prayer Capsule at the Shrine.

Please send us your prayer needs so they can be remembered during this nine-day celebration of our faith.

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