Have Faith in God's Healing Graces

Have Faith in God's Healing Graces

Below are some very speical gifts for you: three beautiful cards designed to promote prayer and healing.

Two of the cards feature the well-known prayer, "I Said a Prayer for You Today." You cna give these cards to loved ones for many reasons. They can comfort someone who is sick, or a person who is grieving. These cards can be givine to someone who lost a job, is in a difficult relationship with a spouse or child, struggling with finances or having doubts about their faith. Who in your life needs the gift of prayer?

The third card has been created primarily for a caregiver. These slefless people spend endless hours caring for the elderly, infirmed and sick...they certainly deserve our prayers and support during their journey.

I recently heard from a friend who has experienced a dramatic change in her life: she has become a caregiver to her husband. Her inspiring words and faith have touched me deeply:

"Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Prior to his diagnosis he was a healthy, successful businessman filled with positivity and was a leader in every aspect of life.

I began to see signs of memory loss and confusion a few years earlier. I would ask myself, Could this be Alzheimer's? But he's only 52 years old! But slowly things began to crumble before my eyes. The man I knew was beginning to change...he was becoming confused, easily agitated and forgetful.

I try to take each day at a time. However, there are days I bury my face in my hands and just cry it out. Knowing what's to come with this horrific disease brings fear and doubt. But I'm so grateful that my husband and I are surrounded with loving and caring family as well as a terrific group of friends. While it's been extremely difficult to ask for help, I've learned to take people up on their offers...they seem to benefit as much as I do!

As I awake each morning I ask God to bless me with patience and acceptance of what is, and of what is to come. My faith in God has always been strong. However it has grown these past years. When I call out to Our Lord, whether it be in anger or a plea for help, I truly fell a sense of security and grace. As I receive the Body and Blood of Christ each Sunday, I know He is with me every step of the way."

We can learn so much from my friend's strong faith and determination. I hope we can all join together in praying for the caregivers who give so much of their lives to comfort others. And we should also pray for healing for those who persevere in other ways. Give them the gift of prayer by following these simple instructions:

Get Well Prayer

I will be honored to remember your needs in my prayers and at Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. Let us pray especially for those who are ill and their caregivers.

Send me your personal prayers

Give a beautiful devotional gift to someone who could use a pick-me-up.

Sand Dollar Bracelet and Prayer Card     I Said a Prayer for You Today Rosary and Prayer Card Set   Lourdes Water Roller Bottle  Healing Blessings Gift Set

Send your loved one a Praying for You card.

Prayer is the perfect gift for so many situations. Each card promises the gift of prayer during Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. A candle will also be lit for the card's recipient.

I Said a Prayer for You Today Card   Your Caring Heart Card


Have a Votive Candle lit for your loved one

Votive Candles     Healing Votive

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