The Missionary Oblates want to pray for the special fathers in your life

The Missionary Oblates want to pray for the special fathers in your life

The Covid-19 pandemic kept most families apart this past year. But for one Missionary Oblate priest, the pandemic brought him and his father much closer together.

Father Victor Manuel Patricio Silva, O.M.I. ministers at our Oblate parishes in Southern California. He is originally from Acapulco, Mexico, where his father, Hermelindo, currently lives.

Hermelindo instilled in his son at a young age the importance of the Catholic faith. He brought Victor to Mass every week and made sure he received all of the Sacraments. When Victor was 15 years old, his faith really began to blossom and he started his own youth group at his parish. A few years later he joined the Oblates and was ordained on May 18, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. Dad watched proudly from the first pew.

Because Fr. Victor ministers as part of the United States Province, he and his father have rarely seen each other in person over the past decade. When churches began closing to the public because of Covid-19, Fr. Victor began live-streaming daily Mass at Santa Rosa Parish in San Fernando, California. Through the power of prayer and technology, Hermelindo was able to attend his son’s Masses, even though they were separated by more than 3,000 miles.

Father Victor sent me this photo of his dad watching his son preside at Mass. This photo reminds me that whether a father is near, far or has gone to their Heavenly reward, we can also be united with dad through the power of prayer.

Today, I invite you to unite with your father and other special fathers in your life through the power of prayer by following these simple steps:


I will have their names placed in the Father's Prayer Capsule at the Father's Memorial Wall at the Shrine. I will also place his name at the altar for the Father's Day Novena and have him prayed for at the Church of St. Joseph in the Holy Land.

Send your father’s name, along with the names of other special fathers in your life.

Father's Devotional Gifts

Give a special father a devotional gift that will enhance his prayer life and remind him of how important he is to his children and loved ones.


Father's Day Cards

Send an Oblate Father's Day card to a special father. They will be remembered during the nine-day Father’s Day Mass novena celebrated June 20-28 at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows and in the solemn Father’s Day Mass celebrated at the Church of St. Joseph in the Holy Land.

Father's Day Votive Candles

Have a Father's Day Votive Candle lit in honor of a special father at the Shrine.


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