Share Easter Joy

Share Easter Joy

Easter is a celebration of "new life." And when I ponder new life, I think of a little boy in Bangladesh who is receiving a new life thanks to the Missionary Oblates and friends like you.

His name is Adittya Kishu.. Adittya is an indigenous boy, which makes him an outcast by most of society. He lives in a small village where his family works the rice paddies.

Adittya's life is based largely on rainfall. When the rain is adequate, his parents work in the fields and earn about $3 a day, just enough money to put food on the table. But when the rainfall is lacking, food is rationed, and Adittya often goes to bed hungry.

Because he comes from an indigenous family, Adittya is not allowed to attend a traditional school. So the Oblates enrolled him into one of their four grade schools for indigenous children. Today, Adittya goes to school regularly and is a good student. He likes to play soccer and other games with his classmates. Sometimes, he even smiles.

"Every child has a dream and through education we are helping them realize that dream," said Fr. Rocky Costa, O.M.I. "There are nearly 100 students in our schools, but we struggle to meet their needs because our facilities are so poor. We need financial support to give these children a quality education, because once they get a good education they can achieve so much more."

Last Easter, we put smiles on the faces of the Oblates in Bangladesh who work with children like Adittya. We sent them prayer petitions from benefactors like you. And they couldn't stop praying for their new co-missionaries.

The petitions arrived at the provincial house in Dhaka and were placed before Our Lady during a prayer service. Later, the petitions were placed before St. Eugene De Mazenod, the Oblate founder. The next day the petitions were at the altar during Mass. Then the Oblates took the benefactors on a prayer journey, remembering them during a Holy Week novena that included Masses at seven rural villages, most of which are reached only by foot.

I received an email from the Oblates in Bangladesh expressing their gratitude for friends like you. "We are so deeply touched by your loving gesture to our people and for our missions. Please continue to journey with us."

I pray you know how important you are to bringing "new life" to people like Adittya. Please pray for him on his journey to a better life, and know that we are always honored to remember your needs at Mass and in our prayers.


Easter Prayer Petitions

Send your personal prayer request so they can be lifted up in prayer at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows as well as by the Oblates in Bangladesh.

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