Easter Appeal

Easter Appeal

At Eastertime, we celebrate the "new life" that we receive from the Resurrection. I would like to share a story of a special family that is receiving a "new life" thanks to the Missionary Oblates and you.

Amir Sharif and his family were living a comfortable lifestyle in Pakistan. He was a university professor and his wife, Saira, was a high school math teacher. They have two sons, Unss and Runaan. The family attended a Catholic parish run by the Oblates in Quetta.

In 2012 the Sharif family began living a nightmare. Amir was targeted by the al-Qaida-related group and was told he and his family needed to convert to Islam. When he refused, the family became targets of violence. They fled in the middle of the night with the help of the Oblates, who eventually got them to Sri Lanka.

The family lived at the Oblate seminary for a couple of months until the Oblates found them a one-bedroom home made of tin. They lived there for three years. The boys couldn't play outside because there were often poisonous snakes in the grass. The family killed 18 snakes in their house, including three cobras. The Oblates were always present, bringing the family food and supplies that they needed to survive.

In 2015 the Sharif family was granted asylum to enter the United States. They eventually arrived in Chicago and within two days began attending Mass at the local church. The boys are now altar servers. The Oblates continue to work with the family getting them adjusted to their "new life" in America.

The Missionary Oblates are only able to help families like the Sharifs because of the generosity of friends like you. Your donation helps the Oblates reach out to desperate people around the world, helping them build new lives out of chaos.

This Easter season please help the Oblates reach out to needy families while also making Easter special for your loved ones.


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Please include these prayer intentions in the Easter Mass Novenas held at The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem and at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois.

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