An Incredible Journey of Faith Begins Here...

An Incredible Journey of Faith Begins Here...

As a Missionary Oblate, Fr. Nick Harding, O.M.I. has taken an amazing journey of faith. He has worked with the poorest of the poor in Mexico and Peru. He is heeding the advice given to him by other Oblate missionaries – be natural, be yourself, be like a child, spend extra time with the people.

As you can see from the information below, your small gift can make a big difference in the lives of the poor served by Fr. Nick and other Missionary Oblates.

$10 – can buy 100 toothbrushes for Fr. Nick to distribute to needy children in Peru.

$15 – can cover the cost of a visit to the dentist at the Oblate medical clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

$20 – can provide a year supply of clean water for a family.

$25 – can buy a rosary and prayer book for an Oblate novice.

$30 – can feed a family for a month at an Oblate parish in Peru.

$40 – can provide the study materials for the children in Catechism classes in Tijuana, Mexico.

$50 – can buy the concrete needed to install a floor at an Oblate chapel that currently has a dirt floor.

$75 – can cover the cost of the building materials for a simple home.

Father Nick and the Missionary Oblates want to pray for your needs. Send them your prayer petitions.

Any gift in support of Oblate missionaries like Fr. Nick is greatly appreciated.

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