Valentines Appeal

Valentines Appeal

I would like to share with you a wonderful reflection about St. Valentine’s Day from Fr. Mark Dean, O.M.I.

“As Valentine’s Day approaches, I find myself thinking of my childhood when we would make a Valentine Box.  This meant covering a shoe box with aluminum foil, and cutting a slot in the lid.  The box was often decorated with hearts, cupids and arrows.  Sometimes glitter or colored pipe cleaners were used to jazz it up.”

“The evening before Valentine’s Day I would write out greetings on the cards my mom had bought.  Mom needed to know how many classmates I had (and not just how many friends were in my class) because everyone was to be included in the card exchange.  No one was to be left out or skipped over.  The next day at school we would all parade around the classroom, slipping cards into the decorated boxes on each student’s desk.”

“Thus from early on, Valentine’s Day became a time to celebrate not just particular friendships, but also to be aware of all in the class, and to ask ‘who is being left out, and what message can I share with those whom I usually ignore?’  Still good questions to ask.  Today I wonder how this Valentine’s Day can be shaped not only by my heart but by the heart of the One who rains on the just and the unjust alike.”

In Fr. Mark’s reflection I was touched by his concerns for the classmates who were being left out on Valentine’s Day.  Today, he and many Missionary Oblates are ministering to people who at times also feel left out from the love Our Lord has for each and every one of us.


Your intentions will be prayed for at our St. Valentine's Day Mass and placed in a prayer capsule at the Church of Our Lady of the Snows where the Missionary Oblates and our Shrine pilgrims will pray for your needs for an entire year, until Valentine's Day 2018.

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