Bro. CosmasChristmas Day is all about family. For me, that usually means spending time with my Oblate family, and away from my own family who lives in Poland. Many Oblates spend their Christmases away from home, including Oblate Bro. Cosmas Kubai, a seminarian from Kenya who spent his last Christmas in Canada.

Brother Cosmas is from the small farming community of Meru, Kenya. As a child he loved going to Mass and was envious of the altar servers who he called the "small priests." When he turned 11 years old Cosmas became a "small priest," and he served with enthusiasm, so much so that he would even accompany the "tall priests" on trips to outstations to celebrate Mass in isolated communities.

Brother Cosmas joined the Oblates because he wanted to be a foreign missionary, someone who shares the Good News to people on the margins. He is currently studying philosophy at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. Last Christmas, instead of returning to the warmth of Kenya to be with his family, he spent the holiday ministering with his Oblate family in frigid northern Canada.

"It was my first real experience of winter and it was exhilarating," said Bro. Cosmas. "I got to shovel snow after a blizzard, 'walk on water' to ice fish when it was -25 degrees, and tried to ice skate wearing every type of protection I could find. It was a grace-filled time."

Now, I'm not sure I could ever describe a blizzard or sub-zero temperatures as a "time of grace," but that is the type of enthusiasm Bro. Cosmas and our other seminarians are bringing to their ministries. Brother Cosmas told me that spending Christmas in nothern Canada opened his eyes to new ways of celebrating liturgies; the importance of blending culture and faith; and the value of being close to the people he serves. Indeed, it was a grace-filled Christmas for Bro. Cosmas.

Christmas Day is all about family. Thank you for being part of our Oblate family, and please know that we are remembering you and your loved ones at Mass and in our daily prayers.

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Share the gift of prayer with family, friends and the people in our Oblate missions this Christmas season. Please know that the Oblates are honored to remember you at Mass and in our prayers every day.

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