I would like to share with you a beautiful Christmas story that a recent visitor to the Shrine told me.

Rachel grew up in a small farming town in central Illinois. As a girl, her family and church youth group would drive to the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows to visit the Way of Lights. It was a long, drive, but well worth it. The light display and Christmas activities fascinated young Rachel.

"I had never seen so many beautiful lights depicting the whole Christmas story. I remember feeling so awed and inspired as a girl and teen." said Rachel.

It was during these annual trips to the Way of Lights that Rachel learned about the Missionary Oblates and their ministries at home and around the world. She began to partner with the Oblates by making small donations in support of our ministries.

"I don't know any Oblates personally, but I really appreciate their devotion to Mary. My mother was very strong in her faith, and her love of Mary greatly influenced me," said Rachel. "I love sending Christmas cards that promise a person is being remembered in prayer by the Oblates. It is such a healing and powerful gift to give."

A healing and powerful gift to give - the gift of prayer. Who in your life is in need of this special gift at this time?

When you make a donation for the cards or gifts, you are sharing Christmas joy with people around the world being served by the Missionary Oblates. The Oblates provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the poorest of the poor. Join with the Oblates this Christmas season.

Christmas Prayers

Share the gift of prayer with family, friends and the people in our Oblate missions this Christmas season. Please know that the Oblates are honored to remember you at Mass and in our prayers every day.

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