All Occasion

All Occasion

How often have you wanted to send someone a card, but you didn't have the time to drive to the store and buy one? Maybe it was a birthday you had forgotten. Maybe someone was facing a difficult situation and you wanted to cheer them up. Or maybe you just wanted to tell someone, "Thank you."

The Missionary Oblate Spiritual cards allow you to send a loved one a special card right away, without the hassle of going to the store. Not only are these card convenient, they also bring a blessing to the recipient - A Votive Candle is lit in their honor at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.

Your Missionary Oblate Spiritual cards are not only a blessing to the recipients, they are also a blessing to poor and needy people in Oblate ministries in more than 60 countries. Your donation allows the Oblates to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and care for the sick.

Give the Gift of Prayer

It's the one gift that never goes out of style. Please know that the Missionary Oblates are giving you the gift of prayer every day as we remember your needs at Mass and in our prayers.

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