Let Them know You're Praying For Them

Let Them know You're Praying For Them

Below are some very special gifts for you: three beautiful, versatile cards meant to be used in a variety of different situations. The cards were designed in Belleville, Illinois for the sole intention of offering comfort to your loved ones; whether you're praying for them to find a job, return to the Church, find healing or just to let them know you're praying for them. The cards are intended to lift spirits, no matter the situation!

Every Praying for You card recipient will be honored by having a candle lit for them here at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows and will be prayed for during Mass. If you would like the recipient to know of these special honors, simply request a My Gift for You insert card before giving it.

Prayer is such a powerful tool, don't you agree? Here at the Missionary Association we've received countless letters and emails from faithful friends who have confirmed, time and time again, that prayer is incredibly powerful in times of need.

In fact, an employee here at the Missionary Association has his own miraculous healing story...and certainly more than a few prayers were said (and granted!) in his intention. Seven years ago mike was in a car accident. He was the passenger in the car and was not injured during the initial accident. But when he took his seat belt off to exit the vehicle, his car was struck once more from behind. Mike was ejected from the car and airlifted to the hospital.

Mike spent one week in a coma and was unconscious for one month. the doctor's prognosis was grim - he believed that Mike may never be the same again. In fact, he told Mike's mother that he would most likely be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. His mother turned to God and the power of prayer to help Mike heal. Certainly everyone at the Missionary Association was praying - along with the Oblates both near and far.

And the prayers were answered by God! When he awoke, he was unable to walk; his speech and balance were very impaired and he wasn't thinking clearly...but he was still Mike. He was confined to a wheelchair for a month after waking. But four months later, Mike walked out of the hospital on his own - without even a walker to assist him!

He has a traumatic brain injury and a condition known as "ataxia" which affects his speech, balance and coordination. His speech has slowly improved and continues to improve with each passing day. Today Mike is back in school and married. He just welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into his life - a wonderful life made possible with hard work, determination and the power of prayer!

It is so easy to show loved ones your love and support, no matter which hardships they might be facing. Do you know someone who could us a pick-me-up? Let them know you're praying for them! You will also be supporting the ministries of the Missionary Oblates when you make a donation of any amount.

Get Well Prayer

I will be honored to remember your healing needs in my prayers and at Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.

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Send your loved one a Praying for You and My gift to you insert card.

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