Tekakwitha Winter  Appeal

Tekakwitha Winter Appeal

The next time you attend Mass, do me a favor, Look around at the children in church. How many of them do you think are hungry? Probably zero.

Then look at those same children again, and imagine half of them are hungry. Seems impossible, but it's not.

When I preside at Mass in the Tekakwitha Indian Missions, I sometimes look out at our children and ask myself - which of them are hungry? Unfortunately, I know the answer is not zero, and probably not even one or two. At our parishes half of Our Native American children live in poverty, so there are times when they come to church hungry.

Our children live on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. White Earth is the poorest reservation in the state. Jobs are scarce here; so many young people feel the need to move to the bigger cities to find work.

At Christmastime we have a program to alleviate some of the hunger on the reservation. Our parishioners distribute fruit baskets to families who are facing extra hardships. This is a simple way of sharing the Christmas spirit with our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Would you like to take part in this beautiful Christmas tradition?

Just send a gift of $25 and you will help provide a fruit basket for a needy family at Christmas.

Thank you for being a part of our ministries to Native Americans here on the White Earth Reservation. At Christmastime, please take some extra time to pray for people who will go hungry today, especially the children in our Tekakwitha Indian Missions.


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