Help Grow Our Native American Ministries

Help Grow Our Native American Ministries

We celebrate two seasons of "New Life" every spring here at the Tekakwitha Indian Missions. The first is the Easter season, when we celebrate the new life we received from the Risen Christ. The second is the planting season, when we take advantage of the new life that the earth gives to us.

First, I invite you to celebrate the Easter season with the Missionary Oblates and our parishioners at six churches on the White Earth Reservation. Our Easter Masses and celebrations are wonderful spirit-filled times when we blend our Catholic faith with Native American culture.

Second, I invite you to take part in our planting season. During the next few months, seeds will be planted and nurtured on farms and gardens throughout the area. But ironically, nearly all of the White Earth Reservation is actually a federally-recognized "food desert."

The "food desert" designation is because access to good, nutritious food is incredibly scarce on the Reservation, but junk food options are readily available. Although plenty of items are grown locally, such as wild rice, corn, beans, potatoes, carrots and berries, most of the food is exported because there are not enough places to distribute these items in White Earth. Many families have to drive 30 miles just to get to a store that has a variety of fruits and vegetables.

To reduce the effects of this "food desert" many of our parishioners have small gardens at their homes. Sometimes these parishioners drop by our house to share the results of their gardens with me and my brother Oblates. When we have more than we can use, we pass on the fruits and vegetables to other families in our area. Our parishioners are also generous in donating the bounty of their gardens and other food to local food pantries.

As we begin to prepare for our planting season, I ask that you prayerfully consider supporting our food ministries here at the Tekakwitha Indian Missions. If you would like to make a donation in support of these efforts, please send your donation below.

I also ask that during this Lenten Season you consider making a small sacrifice to help us continue to bring new life to our parishes. Your gift of 25 cents, 50 cents or $1 for each of the 40 days of Lent will allow us to grow our ministries that enrich both the body and soul.


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