St. Patrick's Appeal

St. Patrick's Appeal

Father Patrick Guidon, O.M.I. has been an Irish missionary for the past 68 years. His missionary assignment - Texas.

Father Patrick was born in Ireland and became an Oblate seminarian as a young man. He went to Rome for studies and was ordained there in 1950. Then he received the surprise of a lifetime.

Father Patrick thought he would go back to Ireland after ordination. Instead, the Superior General announced that all newly-ordained Oblates in Rome would go to foreign counties. So Fr. Patrick said good-bye to Ireland and headed to the United States.

Father Patrick was one of the first Catholic educational leaders to realize that lay people needed to play a more active role within the Church. He shifted the focus of the school from an Oblate seminary to a center for theological training. The student body became much more diverse, and now people of many different backgrounds and faiths study at the school.

Today, at the age of 92, Fr. Patrick is still in full-time ministry. He is the Associate Pastor at Our Lady of Grace Parish in San Antonio. He presides at daily Mass as well as funerals, baptisms and other events. He regularly distributes Communion, anoints the sick and helps out at various parish activities, serving parishioners both young and old.

Father Patrick is truly a missionary and you are also a missionary, by your partnership with the Missionary Oblates in our work to serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

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I will send your intentions to the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock and the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows so that your needs will be lifted up in prayer during our special St. Patrick Novenas.

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