Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

The Missionary Oblates are on the move in Tijuana, Mexico...and they want you to join them.

In a few months the Oblates will be leaving their current mission in the La Morita neighborhood. When we arrived there in 1996, La Morita was a forgotten community. Children had no place for organized recreation. The elderly had nowhere to go for socialization or to receive a free meal. Medical care was practically non-existent. And there wasn't even a place to gather for worship.

But with your help things slowly began to change in La Morita. The Oblates built community centers were young people could play and study. They started programs so the elderly could gather for fellowship. A medical clinic was built by the Oblates. And an extensive parish complex rose from the dust, along with more than a dozen chapels touching every corner of the neighborhood.

The mission in Tijuana got easier for the Oblates...too easy.

"Things just got to comfortable for us in La Morita," said Fr. Jesse Esqueda, O.M.I. "So we decided that we needed to find a new home that was less comfortable."

That new home will be the community of Fuentes, an extremely uncomfortable place to live. Most people in Fuentes are migrants from southern Mexico and Central America looking for work. There are no churches, chapels, community centers or medical clinics. So the Oblates will have to build them. And that's where you come in.

During the upcoming Lenten season, you will be asked to make sacrifices to help those who are less fortunate. Can you make a sacrifice at this time to help a new Oblate mission get off the ground, like the one in Fuentes? Here are just a few examples of how your small Lenten sacrifice can go a long way in helping a new mission get started.

+ A gift of $1 for each day of Lent can provide clean water for two families for an entire year.
+ A gift of $2 for each day of Lent can cover all of the yearly medical expenses for a family.
+ A gift of $3 for each day of Lent can provide food for an elderly couple for six months.
+ A gift of $4 for each day of Lent can provide all the building materials (floor, walls and roof) to build a small neighborhood chapel.

While you may never get to experience firsthand how the Oblates serve the poor in our missions, you are still united with us by your sacrifice and through the power of prayer. And the Oblates want to pray for you in a special way.

Building an entirely new mission like the one in Fuentes is daunting work. But you can help the Oblates carry this burden. Please keep these valiant missionaries in your prayers, and know that they are praying for you today and when they reach their new "uncomfortable" home.


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